We have all processes under one roof, this ensure a quick reponse and all components quality control. Below it's a short tour of our facilities.

  • Cutting Plant, Laser Dotting Plant

    • s02 img1
      Saw x2

      We will need this Saw to cut the full PMMA sheet into small pieces.

    • s04 img2 2
      Laser Cutter x3

      Oval, circle shape and high precision pieces we will need this Laser cutter. 

    • s02 img3 1
      Polishing Machine

      We will need this one to polish the edges of the sheet. This process increase the lighting efficacy.

    • s02 img4 1
      Low Power Laser Machine x3

      This machine etches very small dot, possible to laser 2-3mm thick acrylic sheet

    • s02 img5
      High Power Laser Machine x4

      This is our standard laser machine customzied from SEI, high power, reliable and quick.

    • s02 img6
      Plywood Sheet Cutter

      This machine is in Carpenter room, we will need it to cut full plywood sheet into the size we need. We build crates for almost shipment.

  • Electronices

    • s02 img8
      Solder Paste Press

      For LED soldering point

    • s02 img9


    • s02 img10


  • Screen Printing Plant

    • s02 img11
      Screen Printing Machine

      We have a full screen printing line