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Endow Buildings With A New Looking With Lightings

In architectural design, light itself is a part of the building. More than illuminating the space, the lighting, a symbol of art, will significantly magnify the artistic appeal and beauty of the architecture.

led tube light Architecture application

From the outer surface into the interior, from day to night, when the natural light fades out, integrating with the architectural decoration design, the lighting becomes an important role regulating the atmosphere.

Perfect for illuminating compact and narrow spaces, our light panels maintain an ultra-slim profile, and provides fantastic, even illumination, enhancing the beauty of building with customized sizes, shapes, colors and pattern designs.

Besides Illumination, We Sparkle Things

industrial illumination

Industrial illumination

Featuring high light efficiency, our LED light panel will offer high brightness at a lower energy consumption, comparing with traditional lighting solution, which is cost-saving and environment-friendly.

city lighting project

City Lighting Project

Illuminating the outer surface of buildings to create a new image for the city is a big project, the Cosuntech LED light of a longer lifespan  and low maintenance will save lots of cost.

cosun commercial lighting led solution

Commercial Lighting

With the maximum choice of colors, Cosuntech will meet your requirements on different colors of lights in one solution, shining your shopwindow in various ways and making your products look more exquisite and attractive, especially for jewelry.

art lighting

Art Lighting

Using the LED light panel with custom sizes, irregular shapes and unique design patterns, you can give any building a dreamy looking at night, creating a fancy style of art which can’t achieved by actual substance.

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    LED Light Panel

  • led light panel applications - cosun tech


    LED Light Panel

  • led light panel applications - cosun tech


    LED Light Panel

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