Process Capability

You bring the creativity. We bring the lighting technology. Together, we can make something unbelievable.

Superior Customization & Superb Products

We are proud of our capability of providing professional solutions for numerous applications with world-class products

superior led light panel produced via laser dotting technology
  • Professional Solutions

    Send us your creative ideas and receive a professional solution to cover all requirement within the budget.

  • Superb Customization Service

    You are given the maximum selection range of size, shape, pattern, light source, color temperature, installation mode, and frame material & color, which is peerless in the whole industry.

  • High-Quality Products

    Our high-quality LED light panels are made of UL and RoHS certified material and meet global standards, boasting 90lm/w light effect, 95% high evenness and lowest tolerance of 0.2mm.

options of color temperature available in Cosun
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How We Bring Your Idea to Life

Your business is our goal until it is achieved and we will work tirelessly for it beside you.

  • our engineers are discussing solutions

    Quick Respond To All Your Requirements

    We will work closely with you and gain a full understanding of what your lighting project is intended to develop. Our engineers will clarify the needs and study on the feasibility, using our professional experience to help you achieve the best result.

    User experience and breakthrough are our pursuit.

  • an engineer is sketching a draw of custom product

    Solutions For All industries

    Based on the specific requirements of your drawings, we will create a detailed product design report, carefully considering the design, performance and budget.

  • we will make a sample for customers' confirmation quickly

    Sample Design

    Upon the approval of budget and solution, our professional engineers will create, draw, sketch and develop the visual flow of your product. And we can bring those ideas to life and deliver you a sample in as short as 3 days. It allows you to test the performance so that your project will be completed better.

  • a worker is packing led light boxes carefully with custom wood carton

    Free Services To Upraise Your Business Competitiveness

    Besides the regular customization services, you can also benefit from our value-added services for free.

    • We are glad to help you to conduct factory audit with the thrid party.
    • For major projects, we will purchase new instrument for manufacturing and testing to meet your needs.
    • Your special requirements on sheet metal, painting and accessories will be satisfied with the support of our partner company, Cosunsign.
    • You will get quick response on irregular needs within 24 hours.
    • We are glad to provide test report for each order.

Lean Production


Manufacturing Handbook

A production process chart with manufacturing standard to guide the workers at every step.



The acrylic sheet will be cut into different sizes and shapes through CNC machines.



All cutting pieces will be polished to make the surfaces, borders and corners perfect for next step.



The polished panels of different sizes and shapes will be dotted into specially designed layout.


Cleaning & Filming

After dotting and cleaning, each panel will be covered with a layer of reflective film and diffusion film.


Frame Profile Forming

According to the shapes and sizes of panels, the worker will form frame profile to match them.



When all parts are finished, they will be assembled together to deliver a customized product.



All finished products will be tested under the highest quality standard to guarantee their performance.