Backlighting Solutions For Retail

Shine Your Products, Delight Your Customer

Highlight Your Products With Creative Light Boxes

Catching the eyes of passengers increases your chance of catching the potential customers. Our colorful and eye-catching LED light boxes provide you with an opportunity to communicate your product message in an unforgettable way which enhance your brand image.

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Thin, energy-saving LED light boxes, built to whatever size and shape you want, help to transform your store into an attractive showroom, highlighting the products in an amazing way.

Widely trusted by some global major brands in the retail industry, including the fashion, cosmetics, jewelry and sports and other sections, we offer a one-stop innoavtive solution to cover all your requirments.

Why LED Light Boxes Is A Must For The Retail Industry

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Attract Potential Customer

Combining the advantages of neon lights, the dynamic LED advertising light box can be flashed uninterruptedly during the day and night, and attract people with strong visual impact created by the dynamic and static alternation of images.

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Highlight Your Brand

Deepening people’s impression on our brand with attractive advertisement on LED light boxes. It can also be used to advertise new products, sales information or services.

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Save Space

Highly customizable to any size, shape and design your display  space requires. The ultra-thin snap light box offers you endless possibilities to perfectly match your communicative needs.

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Reduce Cost

Using a LED light box will reduce the energy consumption by 60%-70% to reduce the cost significantly, and lower the heat by 50% to expand its lifespan to 100,000 hours.

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  • led light panel applications - cosun tech


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  • led light panel applications - cosun tech


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