Why Cosun

The key R&D team of Cosun

Keep Moving In Light Guide Panel Technology

Back to 20 years ago, the founder & CEO of Cosuntech started his career as an engineer in the lighting industry. Witnessing the magic of visual advertising applications driven by the backlight panel, he determined to develop products that are more eco-friendly, energy-efficient and beautiful.

With tireless efforts, the young man changed the industry with new-generation products of higher performance through upgrading raw material, equipment, and technology.

Many a peer company followed his step to upgrade the machinery but failed to deliver the same result. The main reason why Cosuntech surpasses its competitors is that we are a pioneer company which will never give up investing time and money to improve technology and optimize process.

Now, the high-quality material, imported machinery and advanced laser dotting technology allow you benefit from the amazing quality of light panel which boasts 90 lm/w light effect and 95% uniformity. Cosuntech is committed to creating their legacy-meeting all customers' requirements with distinctive solutions.

  • Peerless Dotting Technology

  • First-Rate Raw Material

  • Imported Dottiing Machinery

  • Manufacturing Environment

Our peerless laser dotting technology will bring you the best backlight solutions. Our engineers had spent lots of time to explore different dotting methods and design thousands of dot distribution patterns. By comparing differences of each pattern and testing light effect & uniformity, we have found perfect dot layouts for ligh panels of different sizes and shapes.

Now, the light effect of the light guide panel increases to 90%, and the uniformity increases to 95%, reaching the highest level in the industry. And we are proud of possessing the most advanced laser dotting technology, which helps us establish superior industry reputation, and enable us to support major customers like Siemens and Watsons with professional solutions.

Mitsubishi Acrylic sheet

Cosun is the biggest customer of Mitsubishi in this industry

  • our raw material preparation for mass production
  • high quality led lamp beads are fixed by machine
  • our raw material preparation for mass production

    Best Acrylic Sheet

    Combining quality acrylic sheet (PMMA) from Mitsubishi Group, the Cosuntech LED light panel will enjoy a higher stability, not deform in a long time and extend its service life. While most competitors care only the current product performance, we even think further about its long-term performance in the future.

    Employing high-quality acrylic sheet allow you to get superior light panels as thin as 2mm.

  • high quality led lamp beads are fixed by machine

    High Quality Lamp Beads

    The high quality lamp beads certified by UL and RoHS guarantee safety of our light panels and expand their service life, which will save energy consumption by 30%, comparing with the traditional backlighting source.

Best people and machine

a worker operate the laser cutting machine via computer

With imported cutting and dotting equipment, we can significantly improve the production efficiency and lower the defective rate to better control the cost and meet the delivery deadline of mass production. Moreover, you will enjoy the maximum customizable options of sizes and shapes in the whole industry worldwide.

Only the pioneers with vision and leadership have the courage and confidence to invest much in equipment and process improvements. Most industry insiders just copy the existing industry knowledge in manufacturing. Cosuntech is different, as a pioneer & innovator, investing 5-10% of its revenue into R&D and equipment updates annually.